Submit Audio Entry

Select this link to enter your information to enter your AUDIO entry (go to the other form to enter a video). If you upload to YouTube (as an audio file you’ll need to have a visual on the page as well), if you don’t want it to be public, be sure to make it unpublished, not private. Any other upload sites (SoundCloud, etc.) be sure it will be accessible by judges–we have had SoundCloud issues in the past–so be sure to verify your URL works on different computers and browsers before final submission, and remember you must leave the link active through the end of the year. Payment must have been made before submitting this form AND you must observe the entry limits per category and school before submission–unless you are paying for your entry individually, be sure to coordinate with the adviser at your school. One limitation is a student may not be entered twice in the same category, like Audio 101, and Maximum THREE entries per category per school EXCEPT categories where the same type of program is produced multiple times, like newscast, a regular talk show series or a regular sports series – for any of those, pick your one BEST entry from your school to submit–maximum ONE entry per school for any of these kinds of entries.  Read the full rules here before submission. Submission deadline is Friday, May 5, 2017.  SPECIAL NOTE: Each student may only be a contestant on one entry per category and submit to no more than three categories.