Grand Prize (GP) is listed first below. All other Finalists are listed in random order after the Grand Prize recipient.  Reminder to entrants: all media files must remain online through the end of 2015.  Note that Video Finalists is a separate page under 2015 Conference.

Audio 101 Hard News / Spot News
GP: Eryka Villarreal, TX State, Texas House Funds Healthcare
David Dueñes, WTAMU, KWTS News: Communication Week
Amy Boraks, UL-Lafayette, Muslim Hate Crimes
Lane Herman, Tahiri Smith, SHSU, Stock Up Those Pantries
Sarah Duran, TX State, New Day in Texas

Audio 102 News Feature Package
GP: Allison Myers, WTAMU, Athletic Training
GP: Christian Bermea, Nick Brinser, SHSU, Leading Today’s Youth
Ronald Leonard, Texas A&M-Commerce, Areon Flutes
Eryka Villarreal, TX State, Party Safe Campaign
Amy Boraks, Louisiana-Lafayette, Cajun Grandma

Audio 103 Sports Package
GP:  Amy Boraks, UL-Lafayette, UL Track and Field Athletes Overcome Hurdles
Kourtney Spriggins, Shawn McFarland, SHSU, Running to Sam
Anthony Miller, WTAMU, WTAMU Softball
Dan Linblad and Greg Benson, OK State, The OKC Dodgers
Colby Powell and Caleb Surly, OK State, Phil Forte Sports Feature

Audio 104 News or Sports Talent
GP: Stephen McTeer, Pittsburg State, Jasper-Rich Hill Football
Cameron Molina, Pittsburg State, Girard vs. Prairie View Basketball
Kellan Heavican, Nebraska, Exeter Milligan vs. Wilcox Hildreth Basketball
Braeden Fair, Oklahoma Christian, Lady Eagles vs. Rogers State Basketball

Audio 105 Radio DJ Talent
GP: Jessica Stroud, UTA, Jurassica Park Aircheck

Robert Blanchard, Zach Toney, Kelsie Steelhammer, SHSU, Rude Rhythems
Robert Dueñes & David Dueñes, WTAMU, Handsome Man Morning Show
Katie Clement, Harding, Katie Clement Aircheck

Audio 106 Station Imaging Package
GP: Bri Leeper, WTAMU, New Music Mixdown

Audio 107 Spot Production
GP:  Brandon Handy, Jordan Hunt & Connor Gilbert, Oklahoma Baptist, Franklin Savings
Alex Arvie, SHSU, NABJ Promo
Avery Taylor, Robert Dueñes & Malcolm Montgomery, WTAMU, Top 21 Promo
Taylor Mefford, A&M-Commerce, Freedom of Speech PSA
Sydney Huddleston, Sam Herbert, TX State, Let’s Get Social

Audio 109 Podcast
GP: Sarah Hurd, OU, Complexities of Free Speech on Campus
Sarah Self-Walbrick, TX Tech, John Denver at Texas Tech
Lydia Theban, OU, An Unconventional Artistic Experience

Audio 110 Documentary
GP: Katie Clement, Harding, Artist Spotlight: Gene Autry
Lydia Theban, OU, Roller Derby in Oklahoma
Courtney Crowley, Erica Worzel & Sean Smith, SHSU, Wynne Home
Sarah Hurd, OU, Young Oklahomans Return to Farming Roots
Paige Hale, Harding, Beatles at the Ridge

Audio 111 Radio Drama
GP: Mitch Allen & Abby DeSteuiger, Oklahoma Christian, Double Blind Robbery

Anne Reburn, OU, Fashion Police
Nick Szabo, OU, Once Upon A Time

Audio 112 News Program
GP: Elizabeth Newell & William Keller, LA Lafayette, Louisiana Focus
Monica Wicke, UT Arlington, UTA Radio News
Robert Blanchette & Robin Willaford, SHSU, KSHU News

Audio 113 Magazine, Game Show or Entertainment Program
Steven Cerkiewicz, Tori Bean & Belen Casillas,, SFA, Nac Now
Reginald Adetula & Carson Coligan, UTA, The Stampede Show
Marcus Rodriguez, Matt Baughman & Hannah Zedaker, SHSU, True Grit Gaming
Lauren Barlows, Billy Drury & WF14 Audio Production Class, Pittsburg State, Fireside Chats

Audio 114 Informational or Entertainment Shorts
GP: Kase Wilbanks, WTAMU, Dr. Leigh Browning Tribute

Dylan Shelby, OU, Sal the Toaster
Reginald Adetula & Carson Coligan, UT Arlington, Buy or Sell
Eli Mapes, OU, F– Big Cups

Audio 115 Sports Program
GP: Tommy Rezac & Kellan Heavican, Nebraska, Schuyler vs. Lakeview Final

Anthony Miller, WTAMU, Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Colby Powell, OK State, Orange Nation

Reminders:  After Grand Prize, all Finalists are listed in random order. Some submitted entries that are not listed here were still recognized at the awards ceremony, especially Honorable Mention.