After Grand Prize (GP), all Finalists are listed in random order.  Reminder to entrants: all media files must remain online through the end of 2015. Note that Audio Finalists is a separate page under 2015 Conference.

Video 201 Hard News / Spot News
GP: Haley Herzog, Nebraska-Lincoln, Maury Lorence Death
Vanessa Prado, Oklahoma, Hruby Triple Murder
Ansley Watson, Harding, Search For Malik
Brent BonFleur, Nebraska-Lincoln, Cyber Bully Bill
Jarilyn Blaine, Brannan Crossno & Abreeyia Hilliard, Oklahoma State, Water Infrastructure
Michaela Joines, Noah Monsour, Nick Wright, Pitt State, Plaster Center Opening
Sara Coleman, Oklahoma City University, Boathouse Storm Damage
Chelsea Eaton, Nebraska-Lincoln, Drone Standoff

Video 202 News Feature Package
GP: Caleb Surly, Oklahoma State, OSU Flight Team
Morgan Huelsman, Kansas State, Fort Riley Live Fire
Whitney Wiley, Sam Houston State, Hearing by Video
Caleb Wood, Kersee Currier, Pittsburg State, Adrian Herrera Profile
Sarah Duran & Brandi Calhoun, Texas State, CASA of Central Texas
Presley Fowler, Texas State, Strutters Go Retro
Kayla Van Wie, Nebraska-Lincoln, Breast Cancer Detection
Brent BonFleur, Nebraska-Lincoln, K2 Synthetic Marijuana

Video 203 Sports Package
GP: Greg Cimino, OK State, Flat Seams

Alexa Brackin & Carlye Thornton, Baylor, ESPN College GameDay
Chandler Voswinkel and Rebecca Rendon, Texas State, Texas State Track
Marisa Ross & Kinaya War, TX State, New SMHS Stadium

Video 204 Television Talent – On camera News or Sports
GP: Malcolm Hornsby (news), Texas A&M-Commerce, Hornsby Demo Reel
GP: Mason Prince (sports), Oklahoma, Mason Prince Sports Talent
Chelsea Hawthorn, Arkansas State, Chelsea Hawthorn Anchor Reel
Hayley Noga, Arkansas, Hayley Noga Anchor Reel
Carly Smith, Texas Tech, On Camera Weather Talent
Sawyer Buccy, Arkansas, Anchor Highlight Reel
Caitlin Greenlee, Texas State, Caitlin Greenlee Demo Reel
Stephanie Diaz, Texas State, Diaz Demo Reel
Laura Duclos, Texas Tech, On Camera Talent
Taylor Price, Angelo State, On Camera Talent

Video 206 Station Imaging or Collective Project Campaign package
GP: Taylor Mefford, Texas A&M-Commerce, Commerce Idol Opening Titles
James Barrons and the Studio 122 Crew, Texas A&M-Commerce, Studio 122 Imaging
BRDC 462 Advanced Production Class, Nebraska-Lincoln, Star City News Opening

Video 207 Spot Production: Promos, PSAs, Commercials
GP: Chanell Heeter & Ben Godson, Texas State, Bobcat Bobbies PSA

Alex Valdes, Harding, TV 16 News Promo
Maria Gomez, Oklahoma City University, Super Hero
Steven Cerkiewicz & Belen Casillas, Stephen F. Austin State, Let’s Move

Video 208 Promotional Video / Music Video
Tana Akers, Dakota German, Amy Pond et al, Kansas State, Chase Fortune – “Capable”
One Sessions Crew, West Texas A&M, Tennessee Tuckness: “You Mystify Me”
Joey D’Amato, University of Oklahoma, Killer
Don Plachno, Angelo State, Cirque De La Symphonie Promo (Honorable Mention)

Video 210 Documentary
GP: Madison Cunningham, Oklahoma State, Agapamor
Aaron Finster & Katie Ellingsworth, Kansas State, 24 Hour Art Slam
Advanced Video Class, West Texas A&M, Steps to Promise
Shelby Hicks, Miguel Jaime, Dinalee Peterson & Lauren Roberts, Midwestern State, Apex Predator
Keaton Nye, Oklahoma Baptist, Uncommon: A Post Abortive Documentary
Jake Arent & Jeremy Tanequodle, Oklahoma, Yes, And: Improv Short

Video 211 Short Film
GP: Kimberly Larson, Oklahoma, Unprepared
Taylor Mefford, Texas A&M-Commerce, Scary Demon Ghost
Joey D’Amato & Nick Powers, Oklahoma, Middle Management
Chris McIntosh, Oklahoma, Movie Magic
Reece McKillip & Buffalo Media, West Texas A&M, Coping Mechanism
Travis Pauley, Oklahoma Christian, At the Crossroads

Video 212 News Program
GP: Oklahoma, OU Nightly
Texas Tech  MCTV Weekday Update
Nebraska-Lincoln  Star City News Spring 2015
Harding, Harding University TV Live at Five

Video 213 Magazine, Game Show or Entertainment Program
GP:  The One Sessions Crew, West Texas A&M, Tennessee Tuckness
Caleb Wood & Trey Dawson, Pittsburg State, Todd Loses Phone
The BRDC 472 Advanced Reporting Class, Nebraska-Lincoln, Election Night
Alex Montoya & the Advanced Video Class, WTAMU, The Vault
Erik Macias & Karl Macias, University of Oklahoma, Routes TV: Art War
The BRDC 462 Advanced Production Class, Nebraska-Lincoln, Nside the Music
Jonathan Polasek, Jake Embry & Logan Schantz, Oklahoma Baptist, Bison Insider Season 2
Nehemiah Knox & Geo Fogle, Oklahoma Christian, The VGC Episode 204

Video 214 Informational or Entertainment Shorts
GP:  Alex Valdes, Chance Gowan & Kinsey Beck, Harding, Harding University Softball
Nick Jules, Oklahoma, Racing for The Cure
Erik Macias & Karl Macias, Oklahoma, Finding Faith: Alma West
Jacqueline Garcia & Alexis Bloomer, Sam Houston State, Fair Parade
Isaac Weaver, John Brown University, Darren Gould Profile

Video 215 Sports Program
Greg Cimino & Mitch Layne, Oklahoma State, The Poke Report
Avi Sharma, Will York, Seamus Hamilton, Pittsburg State, CAPS 13 Sports Update 611
Matt Marshall, Olivia McKennon & Mason Prince, Oklahoma,  Sooner Sports Pad
Malik Carter & Mason Prince, Oklahoma, Gameday-U

Video 217 Open Category
GP: Lindsay Webster, Oklahoma, Haunted OU
Jake Embry & Jonathan Polasek, Oklahoma Baptist, Bison Sports Network Live Directing
Trevor Slack, Oklahoma, Spread the Love