Video Semi-Finalists 2016

All Semi-Finalists in each category are listed in random order. Reminder to entrants: all media files must remain online through the end of 2016. Note that Audio Finalists is a separate page under 2016 Conference.   Advisers !!!! –>  Everyone !!!! -> double check entrants’ name spelling, title of entry, etc. below to make sure all facts are correct.  Finalist list will be posted 7-10 days before the conference.

Video 201 Hard News / Spot News
Greenville Gets New Businesses, Eric Meza and Baleigh Whitlock, Texas A&M University-Commerce
Campus Carry, Kevin Mendez, University of Texas at Arlington
Flood Cleanup Continues, Brooke Shoemaker, Texas State University
Donald Trump Rally, Callie Barkwill , University of Arkansas
Fry Girl Exhibit, Tessa Andrade, Texas State University
GOP Presidential Debate, Jessica Babb, Baylor University
Sexual Assault, Kaley Green, West Texas A&M University
Shawnee Cats, Nicholas Dingus and Hannah Lounsbery, Oklahoma Baptist University
Texas State Reacts to Campus Carry, Sam Isenberg, Texas State University
TTU Veteran’s Day Celebration, Laura Duclos, Texas Tech University

Video 202 News Feature Package
Alzheimer’s Disease, Erica Nett, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Eurydice News Feature Package, Taylor Mefford, Texas A&M University-Commerce
Father Son Duo Take To The Sky, Kellan Heavican, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Gonzalez Feature Story, Austin Nguyen, University of Texas at Arlington
The HEB Pizza Lady, Julie Darner, Texas State University
Homeless Student, Kara Salazar, University of North Texas
Islam in Oklahoma, Emma Patton and Nicholas Dingus, Oklahoma Baptist University
Mission Machine, Katelyn Perrett, Harding University
Beards of Texas State Calendar, Jimmy Preston, Texas State University
Club Red Employee, Cortlyn Dees, University of Arkansas

Video 203 Sports Package
John King Sports Package, Miranda Perez, West Texas A&M University
Pro Day at Texas State, Anthony Balladares, Texas State University
The Rodeo, Joy Carey, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Walk-on Trial Sports Package, Jason Osei, Texas A&M University-Commerce
Unicycle Football League, Keaton Sandberg, Texas State University
A & T Prepare for Nationals, Jessica Babb, Baylor University
Rhodes Rowdies, Bo Smith, Harding Uniiversity
Soccer Locker Room, Jenna Mazzoccoli, Oklahoma City University

Video 204 Television Talent – On camera News or Sports
Natalie Otto, Kansas State University
Tara Pohlmeyer, Texas State University
Katie Johnston, Kansas State University
Calvin Johnson, Texas Wesleyan University
Callie Barkwill, University of Arkansas
Sawyer Buccy, University of Arkansas
Selena Nelson, University of Arkansas
Seth Gillitzer, West Texas A&M University
Judd Baker, West Texas A&M University
Avery Osen, Kansas State University

Video 207 Spot Production: Promos, PSAs, Commercials
Don’t Trash It, Franchesca McDowell, Oklahoma City University
Outdoor Adventure Promo, Eric Meza, Texas A&M University-Commerce
Keep Oklahoma Beautiful, Hannah Lounsbery, Oklahoma Baptist University
Recycling, Ann Reburn, University of Oklahoma
MerceVegas Cyper Promo, Ronald Leonard, Texas A&M University-Commerce
Texting and Driving, Tanner Messer, Oklahoma Baptist University
Anti-Smoking PSA, Cami Henz, Stephen F. Austin State University
Recycling Sounds Good, Jamison Keefover, Oklahoma City University
Cupid’s Daiquiris Lafayette Promo, Andre’ Johnson, University of Louisiana-Lafayette
Homewood Suites, Courtney Woltjen, University of Oklahoma
Meth Only Takes One Time, DaLyah Jones and Geoffrey King, Texas State University
The Shape of Things Promo, Colin Terry, Pittsburg State University
Runaway Dorito, Amanda Hall, Harding University

Video 208 Promotional Video / Music Video
Trombone Recital, Shamra Selm, Harding University
Nightcrawler TCC Broadcast Club, Erik Firth, Chris Strong & Jesse Franks, Tarrant County College
Daily Toreador Promo, Juan Gil and Anthony Estolano, Texas Tech University
What U Gon Do?, Bee Dubose, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
You Happened To Me, Mitchel Allen, Oklahoma Christian University
Club Sports Promotional Video, Jared Taylor, Texas A&M University-Commerce
Man against Man, Jamison Keefover, Oklahoma City University
JoaQuin Undefeated, Matthew Rice, Harding University
Tri Delta Loves St. Jude, Katie Johnston, Kansas State University
HU16 News Behind The Scenes, Kelly Christopher and Josh Robinson, Harding University

Video 210 Documentary
Routes TV-Oklahoma Black Roots, Nick Jules & Trevor Slack, University of Oklahoma
Live It Up!, Chad Kraft, Harding University
Standing Tall: Treston Hawkins Story, Archie James Howard III, University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff
Harding University Race Relations, Kelly Christopher, Harding University
Weekend Warriors, Cameron Coates & Kalli McKee, University of North Texas
Left Behind, Tyler Cleveland, University of North Texas
Vision, Ethan Lankford, Angelo State University
Lafayette Strong, Trishana Hampton and Lauren Forte, University of Louisiana-Lafayette
The Shape of Things, Colin Terry & Damonte Taylor, Pittsburg State University
Unlucky in Love, Teresa Herrera & Crew, West Texas A&M University
Trafficked in the Sex Industry, Meagan Miller, Daniela Leon and Lindsay Rhoades, Kansas State University
Defeating the Odds, Norman Locke, University of Louisiana-Lafayette

Video 211 Short Film
Stage 1, Ethan Lankford and Deakin Stokes, Jesse Weber, Angelo State University
Pappy TCC Broadcast Club, Alex Wagner, Kevin Fichtel and Milos Bukarica, Tarrant County College
Trapped, Mitchel Allen and Kate Burkett, Oklahoma Christian University
Fold, Caleb Silvey, Arkansas State University
‘Til Death Do Us Part, Logan Ward, Stephen F. Austin State University
Superstitions, Taylor Mefford, Texas A&M University-Commerce
The Collector, Jake Odgers, University of Oklahoma
Stalled, Brooke Peterson, Taylor Dabney and Andrew Tinker, Oklahoma Baptist University

Video 212 News Program
Bobcat Update, MC 3312 class (content) and MC 3311 class (production), Texas State University
Channel 8 News April 19, 2016, Katie Johnston and the Channel 8 News Crew, Kansas State University
Proyecto U, Froylan Guerrero, Mayra Cordova and Brenda Gonzalez, University of Texas at Arlington
UNL Star City Newscast, Spring 2016 UNL Star City News Class, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
OU Nightly, Courtney Boggs & Devon Gadberry, University of Oklahoma

Video 213 Magazine, Game Show or Entertainment Program
One Sessions – Mount Ivy, Audrey Roberson, Mario Rodriguez, & Advance Video Crew, West Texas A&M University
The Set/Parasol, Elysabeth Casiano & Emily Anderson, University of Oklahoma
Gameday U, Malik Carter & Mason Prince, University of Oklahoma
People of Pittsburg – Jonah Corn, Evyline Kangeri, Rashid M. Bey, Pittsburg State University
La Vista: Life in a College Town – Relationship Goals, The La Vista Crew, Texas Tech University
The Every Other Day Show, Lilliana Campon & Sierra Sanders, University of Oklahoma
Jackie’s Kitchen – Korean Cuisines, Jackie Leo, Zach Mitchell, Pittsburg State University

Video 214 Informational or Entertainment Shorts
God, People, Fishing!, Jacob McCall, Harding University
Home, Jordan Hunt, Oklahoma Baptist University
Who Am I, Catherine James, University of Oklahoma
Shuttle Bus, Allison Myers, Gordon Zille & Maroon Productions, West Texas A&M University
Maize Mosaic Virus, Anthony Williams, Kansas State University
The Weekender – October 28, Calvin Johnson, Victoria Garcia, Texas Wesleyan University
The Songwriting Process, Jacob Davis, Harding University
WT Stories: Melvin Washington, Bri Leeper and Martha Alvarez, West Texas A&M University

Video 215 Sports Program
Studio 22 with Bo Overton, Mariana Duran & TV Studio Production, Oklahoma City University
Big Friday Sports, Malik Carter & Mason Prince, University of Oklahoma
Sooner Sports Pad, Blakely Durham & Courtney Woltjen, University of Oklahoma
ESU vs PSU Pregame, Tyler Darrah, Cameron Molina, Ian Arians, Pittsburg State University
MCTV Sports 101 5/3/16, Becca Chance, Billy Ingle & Kyle Stafford, Texas Tech University

Video 216 Open Category
MerceVegas Cypher, Ronald Leonard, Texas A&M University-Commerce
I am the Link, Daniel Shaffer, Shamra Selm and Ethan Sneed, Harding University
The Great Piggy Bank Heist, McKenzie Lumry and Morgan Knox, Oklahoma Baptist University
Knife to Knife, Jamison Keefover, Nicole Waltman & Advanced Television Production, Oklahoma City University
Black Lives Matter Poetry, Bee Dubose, University of Nebraska-Lincoln