About Us

A cooperative of schools in the ‘South – Central’ region of the U.S. started in 2011 working to run a regional competition and conference, which is called the South Central Broadcasting Society.  It is an ad-hoc organization unaffiliated with any other broadcasting organization, although there is an informal relationship with the Broadcast Education Association’s Student Clubs.

SCBS 2017 image
Harding University Students in 2017
Affiliated schools are expected to participate in the conference in support of the competition.  Each school that has submitted any entries by the deadline must also either (a) have registered and paid for a minimum of three students to attend the conference by that deadline, or (b) pay a $100 association membership by the entry deadline.  Trophies are awarded to Grand Prize winners from schools that have at least three conference attendees; certificates are mailed to winners that do not have at least three conference attendees.  (NOTE: In 2018, no entry fee is being collected and only certificates will be awarded.  Arrangements will be made for schools to pay actual cost for Grand Prize trophies.) Schools that do not send any paid registrants to the conference may pay for the trophy cost plus pay a $10 postage and handling charge to have awards mailed.
As a Regional Production Competition, entries may only come from undergraduate college and university students enrolled in school in Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas — and any state that borders any of these states.  However, college and university students from anywhere are welcome to attend the conference.
The Regional Conference typically takes place in October each year, often hosted at one of the colleges or universities in the region.